Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bows, Piccolo, Baroque Cello


Let me start with an update on the piccolo.

This project is becoming more and more interesting! I am communicating with people from all over the world, trying to find what I need! I have emailed with builders and performers and have received so much new information! I don't know where to begin.

I wrote to several builders and performers in Europe. At least now I know what the instrument should look like. Or at least: what I want it to look like!

More or less.

Apparently Bijlsma plays a piccolo as small as a 1/2 size cello. Wispelweij's is a little larger: 3/4 size.

But there is also a full size 5-string cello in the instrument museum in Vienna, built by Posch in the 18th century.

It is therefore still uncertain for which instrument the 6th suite was written.

Some research suggests that it was likely written for the Viola pomposa/da spalla, which I briefly talked about in the "first steps".

I know that last instrument will not be what I am going for. I am now searching for a nice small (half or 3/4 size) piccolo.

I have several emails out to more specialists, now that I am narrowing down my search. I will get there eventually!


Now... All of this is great fun. But... I need a bow! I am borrowing my colleague's bow, but it is terrible!

A few years ago I went through a very emotional and exciting experience of buying a new (contemporary) bow. I love that bow. It was built by Roy Quade in Calgary. I contacted him, hoping against hope that he would make baroque bows, which, of course, he doesn't. He did give me some names of good baroque bow makers though.

So now begins the unexpected (I should have seen this coming though) emotional search for a nice baroque bow. I talked to two makers in Eastern Canada. Very nice people. I will expect a shipment of bows to try out soon.

If you want some interesting reading on the complications of building a baroque cello bow, take a look at this website: . Read some of the articles too. There is so much we don't know yet!

Baroque Cello

I am running into another unexpected issue, which I am afraid to say out loud (let alone write it in a blog for the whole world to see!)...

I don't really like the baroque cello I am borrowing...
When I first got it a few weeks ago it seemed so nice, so sweet. But now that we are becoming more intimately acquainted we don't seem to get along so well...

I am obviously beginning to remember what I want a baroque cello to sound like. This isn't it!

So... (my wallet does not want to talk about it any further!)...


Some more interesting reading (follow the links also)

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